Munk Bogballe Luxury Workstation

The European luxury company Munk Bogballe has launched a hand crafted executive workstation that combines simple elegance and the finest quality materials in an unusual design.

Designed for Munk Bogballe by award winning, Danish, former Bang & Olufsen designer, Henrik Sørig Thomsen, as a work tool for accomplished individuals who appreciate and share a passion for aesthetics and quality

The housing is largely made of anodised aluminum and the underside of the workstation is covered with the finest quality of Italian aniline leather.

This gives it a unique sense of life and character visually as well as physically when the fingers slide over the natural texture when opening or moving the workstation.

With each workstation come two black, hand sewn calf leather bags for the workstation and the powersupply.

Assembled by hand in Denmark, the workstations are available with leather in three colours: ivory, black and dark red. In addition a bespoke option is available to people who wish an entirely personal solution.

This is quite a unique product so it doesn’t come cheap ! You can order one at £3,800 ($5,700), which also includes a donation of one XO laptop to the One Laptop per Child organization.

The Munk Bogballe Workstation will only be built in limited numbers.

The Workstation specifications:

* Operating system: Windows Vista or Windows XP
* 13,3 inch widescreen display
* 2.0 GHz Intel dual core processor
* 4 GB memory
* 160 GB hard drive
* Wireless and bluetooth
* Built-in webcam, microphone and stereo speakers
* Keyboard available in all languages supported by Windows