The Grohe Wireless digital shower

Imagine how wonderful life would be, if every morning you could simply press a button and a warm and inviting shower would be waiting for you when you reached your bathroom. Few of us can deny that at some point we’ve dreamt of such a luxury !

This Grohtherm wireless shower can be switched on and off from any room in the house, allowing you to step out of bed and straight into a shower already running at the exact temperature you require.

The remote system can be programmed for each member of the family or for different times of the day (if you want a cold shower to wake you in the morning and a warm one to relax at night).

The remote wirelessly connects to a concealed base unit, which uses your settings to adjust and mix the water to your setting. When the ideal setting is found, a visible or audible signal will highlight this. There’s also a split-second response if the water flow changes, adjusting the flow to the right temperature accordingly.

The wireless shower system costs around – £720 ($1,450) and is available on bargainplumbingshop