British Airways launches mobile check-in app

British Airways (BA) is launching a mobile app allowing customers to check in and download their boarding passes.

From July 19, BA customers will be able to download an app which allows them to access flight information and view check-in times.

The app will allow members of BA’s ‘Executive Club’ to download their own boarding cards to their smartphones which can then be scanned at check-in.

The app will be available first on flights from Edinburgh, Scotland to Heathrow but plans are in place to expand the use of the app to cover all domestic flights by the end of August before expanding its use to short- and eventually long-haul flights.

The application, which will be available through the Apple store, is a redesign of the original, rather basic BA app which debuted with the UK launch of the iPhone.

This latest application will first be available to download to iPhones before being launched on the Blackberry and Android platforms at a later date.

A spokesperson for BA said the app was designed to make it more convenient for customers accessing BA’s website through mobile platforms.

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