Roman Polanski unveils Prada short film

prada suits everyone

Prada unveiled a special short film directed by Roman Polanski and starring British actors Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley at the Cannes Film Festival May 21.

The film sees a Prada-clad Bonham Carter’s character visiting a psychiatrist (played by Kingsley) to discuss a bad dream.

The doctor isn’t listening though, as he becomes captivated by her purple fur coat, which he eventually tries on before the tagline ‘Prada Suits Everyone’ fills the screen.

Prada A Therapy film

“It’s a sort of anti-ad,” Polanski said afterwards, joking that he wanted to show the world that he was as good at making short films as he was at long ones.

The ad was screened before veteran moviemaker Polanski presented a restored version of his 1979 picture Tess, which tells the story of a peasant girl that becomes the affection of two men.