Ray-Ban celebrates 75th Anniversary

Ray-Ban 75th Anniversary collection

For the 75th anniversary of the debut of its Aviator sunglasses, Ray-Ban is launching a limited-edition capsule collection, featuring four of its legendary models.

This 18,000-piece collection is accompanied by a special anniversary campaign about men and women who made history by achieving social changes.

Featuring the yellow polarized lenses developed in 1978 to offer an anti-glare effect, this exclusive line will comprise the Classic Aviator, Classic Aviator with curved temple tips, the Shooter and the Outdoorsman models.

To celebrate this milestone, Ray-Ban has launched a global advertising campaign drawing inspiration from real-life tales of individuals who dared to defy convention.

Decade by decade, photographer Mark Seliger has focused on legendary personalities, from pilot Raymond Swalley to homosexual writer Taylor Mead and musician Norman Blagman.

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