Handmade Luxury Designer Watch Cufflinks

The men’s wardrobe does not offer a wide spectrum of refinements. Especially masculine accessories are limited, but fortunately apart the tie, cufflinks once again vanquish as an necessity.

offers the most original cufflinks available by creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces from vintage jeweled timepieces. Each piece is hand made from specifically selected watch movements of the finest craftsmanship from Switzerland, France and across the globe.

Ricky Wolbrom, the proprietor and designer behind Watch-Cufflinks takes time pieces to the next level by displaying the artistry behind the watch face. Just take a look at the pictures and you’ll understand the quality and craftsmanship that went in these pieces.

(Photos : gearpatrol)

The cufflinks you see here were once the heart of mechanical masterpieces. Now they will add instant class and uniqueness to your shirt and your suit.

Priced at $985, the pair of Girard Perregaux (below) is perhaps the most beautiful cufflinks they have created though.

“Girard Perregaux is a fixture among the top luxury watch brands and has been for a very long time. Their finely crafted timepieces are not only examples of brilliant craftsmanship and beauty, but also as highly coveted collectables that only increase in value. The company dates back to the late 1700’s in Geneva and in 1867 made an indelible mark on the horological world: Constant Girard presented his Tourbillon with three gold Bridges after years of research into the functional use of gold in watch movements. This masterpiece was awarded the gold medal at the Universal exhibitions of Paris in 1867 and 1889, but declared ineligible in 1901 because it could not be equalled.” (Courtesy of The Watch Guy)

As many of these items are unique, hand-crafted pieces, all items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Cost: $85-$985 @
Watch Cufflinks