Fendi ‘Peplum People’ Film by Karl Lagerfeld

German designer Karl Lagerfeld has stepped behind the camera to shoot “Peplum People,” a Spring-Summer 2013 video for Italian brand Fendi.

Titled “Peplum People,” the film was produced on the set of the brand’s latest print advertising shoot. Supermodels Kati Nescher and Saskia de Brauw, looking slick in sunglasses and gelled hair, trot around town in the brand’s summer styles.

A pair of gladiator-outfit-clad male models, Joseph Dolce and Willy Cartier, strip off for some splash-about fun in the pool before the foursome unite for an evening out.

The boys are dressed up in Fendi tuxedos while Nescher and de Brauw show off the brand’s golden red carpet outfits.

fendi peplum movie