Colette and smart collection

Colette and smart collection has been created especially for the urban car brand.

Colette selected five designer labels, from Paris, New York, Berlin and the new smart markets of Brazil and Denmark, and asked them to design an exclusive product for smart.

The designers took as their inspiration the themes of urban mobility or design and all products are linked by the theme of “design meets sustainability”.

“The smart fortwo and the products of the colette and smart collection both combine unique design with environmental sustainability,” Marc Langenbrinck, Director Brand Management and Sales & Marketing smart, said.

“This collection represents a continuation of smart’s activities in the field of urban creativity.

And the variety of countries that the designers come from reflects our brand’s international orientation – as of this year, we will be represented in 41 different markets.”

All of the products are made from recyclable – or, in some cases, even recycled – materials, and are each produced in a limited edition of just 150.

The products of the colette and smart collection:

Andrea Crews (Paris)

The Paris-based fashion collective Andrea Crews, founded by artist and designer Maroussia Rebecq, produces fashion items made exclusively from second-hand products.

The label’s shows are more like artistic performances and events than conventional fashion shows.

For the colette and smart collection, Andrea Crews has produced 150 unique hand-made items from recycled jewellery.

Maroussia Rebecq says: “Our smart accessories are just as diverse as the urban culture that inspired them: wear them as a necklace, put them on your key ring or hang them on your rear-view mirror for more glamour in your smart.”

Melissa (São Paulo)

The Brazilian shoe label Melissa is known for its unique shoes made from recyclable plastic.

Now Melissa has come up with two special colour editions for the colette and smart collection: Melissa’s first ever shoe for men – the “Aranha” – based on the footwear of fishermen in the south of France – in matt grey, and the ballet flat “Campana Corallo” in the smart colour silver, for women.

“Our design for the collection is defined by ‘less resources, more emotion’. Designers have a responsibility to create ideas that benefit society and the environment — for our generation and our children’s,” says Edson Matsuo, Creative Director at Melissa.

Wood Wood (Copenhagen)

Illustrated graphic motifs are the hallmark of this Danish label, which was established in 2002 selling printed T-shirts, and since then has become one of the driving forces behind the European street couture scene.

“Our T-shirt for the colette and smart collection is made from organic cotton and is about ‘green driving’: driving fun coupled with recycling, alternative energies and harmony with nature,” says Wood Wood founder and Creative Director T Karl-Oskar Olsen.

Opening Ceremony (New York)

“Our travel tote bag is ideal for when you’re zipping around the city in your smart.

It’s made from organic cotton and features some clever tools for out and about, like a bottle opener and a tape measure – and they’re all made from recycled materials,” Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the brains behind the New York-based label and concept store Opening Ceremony, explain.

For Opening Ceremony, fashion is also about exchanging ideas between different countries and cultures.

Each season, the label focuses on designers from a different country.

Lala Berlin (Berlin)

Lala Berlin’s large square scarf made from a mixture of organic cotton and silk with a hand-painted motif is typical of the label’s designs.

“When designing the scarf for the collection I was thinking of paradise, animals, nature, and the possibilities we have for positively influencing our urban jungle,” says Leyla Piedayesh, the woman behind Lala Berlin.

In just five years the Berlin-based label has grown from a one-woman-show to an international brand – thanks to its unconventional mixture of casual urban design and elegant chic.