Armrevolution: Luxury Cufflinks

The men’s wardrobe does not offer a wide spectrum of refinements. Especially masculine accessories are limited… So I was happy when I discovered a new company that produces beautifully designed men’s cufflinks called ARMREVOLUTION.

The London based company company has elevated cufflink design and function, to the level of watches and cars, which go through constant innovation ! Each style of ARMREVOLUTION cufflinks are a unique and considered “Arm architecture”.

“The brief to our London design team was to completely rethink the way that a French cuff shirt is attached at the wrist and I’m very proud of what they came up with. Our goal from the start was for our designs to be so innovative that we would be able to patent them….Innovation is key to every aspect of ARMREVOLUTION-through our products, packaging, events and customers service we aim to be different.” states founder and chairman Anthony Hayward.

Recently, the design team at ARMREVOLUTION has launched a six piece collection entitled “Perpetual series”. These unique cufflinks are inspired by the intriguing Bauhaus movement and are made from the finest Japanese stainless steel.

Each pair of cufflinks comes uniquely engraved with an identification number and a guarantee certificate, which, when registered on the ARMREVOLUTION website, provides access to the events surrounding the membership of this exciting brand.

The “perpetual collection” is available by appointment only at Each pair comes with a nicely designed reusable magnetic acrylic box and lovely leather traveling case. Prices ranging from $695 to $750.