Sex and the City 2: The Cocktails

In celebration of the return of “Sex and the City” to big screen, Moet & Chandon has created 4 champagne cocktails inspired by the film’s dazzling leading ladies.

There is the Fashionista, which could only be Carrie. Miranda’s cocktail is the Player, Charlotte’s is the Socialite, and the Bombshell is, naturally, Samantha’s.

The Fashionista is an alluring cocktail, a combination of punchy seduction and romanticism with a touch of pomegranate and accessorized with a rose petal.

The Socialite is a future classic, elegant and undeniably sweet with notes of elderflower and brown sugar.

The Player is a complex combination of citrus and ginger for the impulsive but sensual.

The Bombshell, with its explosive and daring character, is a bold pairing of the classic bitterness of cherry with the vibrancy and sweet flare of tangerine.

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