Montblanc hosting virtual exhibition at Harrods

Montblanc windows Harrods

Montblanc has opened a new pop-up store in Harrods, featuring a ‘virtual’ exhibition of art and a selection of exclusive pieces.

Until 24 November, Passing shoppers will be able to view an extensive selection of artworks from the Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection, permanently exhibited in Hamburg, by simply pointing their smartphone or tablet at the specific image that will be displayed in one of the Montblanc Harrods windows on Brompton.

Within Monblanc’s virtual art pop-up store, and as a first in the UK, Harrods is selling four exclusive products from the Montblanc writing instruments, watches and haute joaillerie collections. The Aurasma LitE app can be downloaded for free here.

Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection