Ibis hotels starts virtual pillow fight

Ibis pillow fight

The Ibis hotel chain, part of the Accor group, has just launched what it’s calling the ‘world’s biggest virtual pillow fight.’

The virtual pillow fight, which takes place on Ibis’s Facebook page, is open to netizens in the Asia-Pacific region and will run until November 21.

Participants have to first become a fan of the Ibis Facebook page and access the pillow fight application before they can create customized pillows. The game really begins as players throw ‘pillows’ at one another to score points.

The activity, which is expected to last for six weeks, will see the ten highest-scoring players win a three-night stay at select Ibis family hotels in various Asia-Pacific destinations including India, Bangkok, Bali and Singapore.

The virtual pillow fight is part of a global rebranding campaign for Accor group’s Ibis brand, which has 178 hotels in Asia-Pacific.

Ibis hotels launched a different promotion with a Facebook tie-in in Europe this autumn that saw fans of the brand’s page have the chance to see their sleep charted as a work of art  — by sleeping in bedding connected to sensors which spurred a robotic arm to ‘draw’ its impressions on paper.