‘Cartier, Jeweler of the Arts’ exhibition in Paris

Cartier joaillier des Arts

The Fondation Cartier, the contemporary art museum of the luxury jewelry house, will present its latest expo, Cartier, Jeweler of the Arts, in Paris beginning April 3.

The exhibition brings together four artworks made by artists including David Lynch and Takeshi Kitano using precious and semi-precious stones no longer deemed suitable for the brand’s jewelry. Preview images of what they came up with here.

Alessandro Mendini, The Cartier Column
The Cartier Column was created by Italian architect and designer Alessandro Mendini. It stands 2.30 m high, weighs 400 kg and contains 24 kg of gold.

Alessandro Mendini The Cartier Column

Crystal cylinders
Stones were sorted into categories, encapsulated in crystal cylinders and inserted vertically inside pink gold fluting for Alessandro Mendini’s The Cartier Column.

The Cartier Column Crystal cylinders

David Lynch, Jeweled Triangle
Three colored gems, citrine, amethyst and green beryl appear in director David Lynch’s lamp entitled Jeweled Triangle.

David Lynch, Jeweled Triangle

Inside the Jeweled Triangle
Plans for David Lynch’s Jeweled Triangle lamp, which questions the way we relate to everyday objects.

David Lynch Jeweled Triangle lamp

Takeshi Kitano, Nécessaire Gosse de peintre
Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano came up with Nécessaire Gosse de peintre, a whale-shaped suitcase containing art materials.

Takeshi Kitano  Necessaire Gosse de peintre

Perfect painter
Takeshi Kitano’s Nécessaire Gosse de peintre combines all the accessories a “perfect painter” needs.

Perfect painter Cartier

Beatriz Milhazes, Aquarium
Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes created Aquarium, a richly decorated mobile in monumental dimensions, inspired by the motifs and colors of her work.

Beatriz Milhazes Aquarium

Mobile jewels
The Aquarium by Beatriz Milhazes is composed of 15 strands, the longest of which measures almost 2 meters.

Mobile jewels Cartier