Volteis electric car by Philippe Starck

V+ Volteis by STARCK

Legendary designer Philippe Starck has created an electric vehicle, which is on display this week at the Geneva Auto Show and will retail for about $40,000.

The pared-down design of the V+ Volteis by Starck—it resembles a golf cart more than a car that could withstand urban use—seems to prioritize form over function.

Weighing around 1600 pounds, the front-wheel-drive vehicle is propelled by a 4-kW motor for a top speed of 40 mph and a quoted maximum range of 37 miles.

V+ Volteis by STARCK

The onboard charger can fully recharge the 11.5kWh battery pack in six hours from any standard 220-volt socket; charging the battery half-way takes two hours.

The V+ will be marketed through 15 stores in France and eventually through others in major cities in the world.

Typical customers will be private individuals with vacation homes and hotels in island resorts that would offer the runabouts as a service to hotel guests.


V+ Volteis by STARCK