Roberto Cavalli Coca Cola Light Bottles

Coca Cola have commissioned Roberto Cavalli to create three limited edition bottles of Coca Cola Light (Diet Coke) in Italy.

“I had a lot of fun creating three different “dresses” for the legendary silhouette of the Coca Cola Light Contour. They are seductive and feminine, in typical Cavalli style. They’re designed for the world of young people, which has always been a great inspiration to me,” said Roberto Cavalli.

The bottles features Cavalli’s signature animal print (leopard and zebra) and are designed to look as if the bottle is in a Cavalli dress.

Cristina Santucci, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Italia said : “This joint project with Roberto Cavalli aims to offer a collector’s version of the Coca-Cola light bottle, to appeal to women with a strong personality, who are extrovert, modern and like to experiment”

The limited edition bottles will be available in Italy from September through December and only Only one hundred thousand bottles of each design (300,000 bottles) will be released : they will be available exclusively from certain restaurants and bars in Italy.