G.H. Mumm X Patrick Jouin

The House of G.H. Mumm and Patrick Jouin have collaborated to create a range of service accessories aimed at enhancing the appeal of G.H.MUMM products. Jouin suggested a range of service accessories fusing audacity and elegance and showcasing the brand icon, the famous red sash or “Cordon Rouge”. Patrick Jouin unveiled his first creation, a [...]


Contemporary clocks from Diamantini & Domeniconi

Diamantini & Domeniconi have a range of contemporary clocks that both tell the time and add some significant design elements to your walls.


Dream and Fly Tiny Hotel Room

Barcelona company Dream and Fly have designed a series of miniature hotel rooms for busy places like airports and train stations. Called Bubbles, the modules will come in different sizes and be rented by the hour so travellers can work rest or shower.


PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition

The PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition was an assignment from a product design course in Seoul National University of Technology, with the result being the great idea created by Won Chan Lee.


Diet Coke by Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld, known for his comic art, has created several designs for Diet Coke to raise awareness for The Heart Truth, the women’s heart health program. Overall there are 3 different cans and they are being released only in the US. Together with Mans+Blacklist, and Max Erdenberger, Gauld also produced a series of short animations. [...]


Dior Burned Wood Concept

Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal is sharing with us his latest creation for Dior. Unfortunately it is just a concept but I think the design is fantastic.

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