Ora Ito’s kitchen accessories for Guzzini

Ora Ito kitchen accessories Guzzini

On the occasion of Paris interior decoration and design trade show Maison & Objet, French designer Ora Ito has unveiled a collection of kitchen accessories for Guzzini.

This statement-making collection has been “designed to be used (and re-used)” and is made up of weighing scales, a bread cutting board and two dish-draining racks.

These functional pieces, which are deeply informed by the current futuristic trend, are made of opaque white plastic and translucent red plastic using the double injection technique.

The user can stack a huge amount of plates and cutlery on the “landscape” draining rack, which features almost geological plastic red protrustions. Beveled effects and shading add a touch of elegance and give an impression of levitation.

Ora Ito’s favorite themes can be seen throughout this collection for Guzzini, in everything from the colors to the new materials.

Ora Ito, who has previously collaborated with Heineken, Adidas, Sagem and Nike, designed a signature hotel, Hôtel O, based in the heart of Paris, which opened in 2012.

Ora Ito accessories Guzzini