Olivia Bee for Le Monde d’Hermès

hermes magazine olivia bee

Hermes invited 18-year-old American photographer Olivia Bee to shoot a feature for the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of their Le Monde d’Hermes magazine.

The photoshoot, which stars a variety of the brand’s iconic scarves, borrows from the world of fantasy and fairy tales.

hermes olivia bee

Naïve, yet naughty, the images are Olivia’s take of a romantic dream, complete with unicorns, princesses and a modern-day Prince Charming.

hermes fairytale olivia bee

While the 18-year-old photographer was initially just set to shoot the iconic Hermès scarf, the brand loved her work so much they created a short film with Bee, as well as bumping her image up to the cover.

hermes horse olivia bee

Le Monde d’Hermès has offered readers a journey to the heart of Hermès creations since the magazine’s creation in 1973.

Hermes unicorns

Through the eyes of an ever-changing host of collaborating artists, writers or photographers, the magazine reveals the know-how, culture and imagination of the French fashion house.