Tea Bag Lights Up your Night

Designer Wonsik Chae from south korea has created “lighting bag”, a light which imitates (you can’t drink it) the form of a tea bag !

If you put the Lighting Bag in a cup of chemical intermediate, the tea bag will burst into flames, and then the cup is lighting.

“Consisting of a cup filled with a chemical intermediate and a bag containing fluorescent molecules the light works through a catalyst of this chemical reaction.”

[vimeo 3481507 468 282]

“As the tea bag empties its taste into a tea cup, so does the “Lighting Bag” empty its light into any fluid-holding container.”

“What Wonsik hopes to accomplish with this project is to tear down the idea that creating forms from which light can be projected must be a difficult task – he wants light forms to flow easily.”

Source YankoDesign/Likecool