illy Coffee Art Collector can by Alioum Moussa

Illy Coffee can moussa

The illy Art Collection was first started in 1992, stemming from the idea that art can enter the lives of people through a small object of daily use.

After more than 70 series of collectors’ cups were decorated by major international artists and young talents, in 2006 the Collection was extended to coffee cans: exclusive limited-edition works of art released twice a year.

The second decoration this year was created by Alioum Moussa. Moussa is an eclectic and multidisciplinary artist from Cameroon.

illy art collection alioum moussa

This new piece of art was inspired by his experience at Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation in Biella.

The second can of the illy Art Collection 2011 represents the contrast between Cameroon, the home of the artist, and Piedmont.

The result is an energetic, lively décor, with warm colors typical of Africa blended with colder colors, representing the European continent.

illy all create together alioum moussa