Copenhagen’s new design hotel opens its doors

Bella Sky hotel

The largest hotel in Scandinavia opened May 16 in Copenhagen, another new entrant into the Danish capital’s rapidly growing hotel market.

Bella Sky Comwell is housed in two spectacular skyscrapers, each 23 storeys high, and offers 814 designer rooms with superb views of the city.

The hotel is situated in Copenhagen’s green Ørestaden area, some 8km away from the city center, and is aimed at both business and leisure guests.

Bella Sky hotel room

It features a 23rd-floor “Sky” bar and lounge, a restaurant, a further bar, and an 850 square meter spa and fitness area.

The interior design of the rooms is clearly Scandinavian, but the exterior of the hotel is more impressive — two towers inclining in opposite directions covered in lines of glass shards.

Bella Donna Room

Bella Sky Comwell’s unique architecture, described by the property as “like a dancing couple,” isn’t just for aesthetic pleasure — it helps everyone to get a good view of the Copenhagen skyline and the pattern helps insulate the building.

The property will also be one of Europe’s first to offer an all-female floor, with rooms and amenities specifically selected to cater for female guests.

Bella Sky Comwell restaurant

Copenhagen is currently undergoing something of a hotel boom, with 1,464 rooms set to be added to the city’s existing portfolio over the coming years (600 were added in 2010).

Bella Sky Comwell towers

By 2012, the Danish capital is set to boast 57 percent more rooms than it did in 2001, which should help cater for a uptick in tourist numbers helped by new low-cost flights and an ambitious marketing campaign from Visit Denmark.

Bella Sky Comwell lounge

Next month, hostel chain Generator Hotels will open a 650-room property on Copenhagen’s Adelgade, offering low-cost rooms from just DKK 200 (€27) per night.

Bella Sky hotel Copenhagen