New tableware line for Christian Lacroix Maison

assiette Christian Lacroix Maison

Sacha Walckhoff, creative director at Christian Lacroix Maison, has designed a collection of porcelain tableware that delivers graphic lines, trompe-l’oeil effects and butterfly motifs with a touch of fantasy.

This collection is built around four main themes: “Sol y Sombra” — with watercolor stripes, “Forum” — engraved with images of 19th century monuments in Arles, “Picassiette” — a Gaudi-style trompe-l’oeil mosaic of shattered plates and “Butterfly parade” — symbolizing real or imaginary butterflies in flight.

Each piece of this collection is threaded with intertwined gold and platinum.

Christian Lacroix Maison collection

Since 2010, Walckhoff has launched several collections including a range of textiles, wallpaper and accessories made by Designers Guild, wooden decorative panels created in collaboration with Marotte, a range of stationery produced by Libretto as well as a collection of scented candles for Welton London.

For this tableware collection, Christian Lacroix has collaborated with Vista Alegre, a Portuguese brand known for its high-end tableware, decorative objects and crystal.

Christian Lacroix Maison tableware