Anish Kapoor for your morning illy cup

Kapoor illy art collection

The Italian coffee brand illy is extending the range of artist cups and saucers with a new limited-edition piece, created by celebrated Bombay-born sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Just like most of his creations, the new illy coffeeware has a metallic touch and is dedicated to blending emptiness/fullness and external/ internal in one piece.

Commissioned by the coffee-maker to do a new take on the classic, Kapoor responded by leaving the exterior untouched but silvering the interior, and adding a hole in the center of the saucer.

If you place the saucer atop the cup, the way you would a tapas napkin, you have  “an interactive, sensory experience meant to delight and surprise”. The cup costs $90.

Kapoor illy