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The Most Expensive 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Sold at Auction

The 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon has just claimed the title of being the most expensive wine ever, sold for $350,000.

Nov 16, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

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Does anyone still keep an expensive wine collection that is worth cellaring, let the wine evolve as they mature in the bottle and wait till the time is right to open up for drinking? There’s nothing quite like opening up the decades old vintage to savour the aroma, taste and the strong hints of fruits.

Generally, Cabernet Sauvignon expresses a vibrant varietal flavour of the vineyard and has colours of deep red and purple. The aroma exudes ripe, rich plums with a rounded mouthfeel, and the wine can also be enjoyed on its own.

However, at the recent nationally recognised charity wine auction and gala Carnivale du Vin held in New Orleans by Chef Emeril Lagasse, a rare bottle of 2015 The Setting Wines Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon made by celebrity winemaker Jesse Katz was sold at $350,000 – shattering a world record for the most expensive single bottle of wine sold at an auction.

Based in the US, Katz is the youngest Head Winemaker who owns his own vineyard and produces most highly acclaimed wines to date for stars. Jesse Katz created the 2015 vintage particularly for Hollywood Talent Manager, Shep Gordon.

The wine bottle has a white label that says “The Setting” in addition to the grape varietal, the vineyard and the year plus a drawing of Shep Gordon complete with his signature.

Last year’s fundraising weekend raised more than $3 million for Emeril Lagasse Foundation, a public charity headquartered in New Orleans to support local and regional beneficiaries in areas such as culinary, nutrition and arts programmes.

It was said that the wine has been sold a group of friends who teamed up with another wine collector to bid on the bottle.

“We’re thrilled with the success of a record-breaking fundraising weekend,” says Emeril Lagasse Foundation President Brian Kish. “We strive to give back to our community and beyond, and are proud to support so many well-deserving organisations and projects that will impact youth for years to come.

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