Lamborghini Cylinder Humidor

If you happen to have a passion for cars and cigars, then this limited edition carbon fiber cigar humidor called “The Cylinder” from Lamborghini is for you. The high laquered rosewood carbon fiber design is finished in leather and premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar and is crowned with the symbolic Bull Crest. Several compartments in this [...]


Tonino Lamborghini Cigar Lighters & Cutter

Tonino offers a brand new collection of cigar lighters and cutters for those folks who own a Lamborghini or at least may want to look like they own one.


The Beverly Hills Cigar Club

Cigar aficionados who want the very best selection, the finest lines the market has to offer and personal treatment from their own cigar concierge might want to check out Beverly Hills Cigar Club, an exclusive online club that offers more than 800 product lines, house brands; premium accessories for the smoker; and two levels of [...]

Dunhill Anniversary Edition Cigars

Dunhill Anniversary Edition, made to celebrate 100 years of the Dunhill cigar brand, will be available this fall and limited to 20,000 cigars. Made in Nicaragua by the Toraños, the cigars will have a blend much like the Dunhill Signed Range which uses Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos aged three years, but should have “a [...]

Elie Bleu Deluxe Che Cigar Humidor

If you have just joined the cigar revolution and thinking of buying a cigar humidor, this lovely Elie Bleu Deluxe Che Cigar Humidor from Vivre might be the perfect one. Among the few not colored black or brown, it offers not only a comfy home for your Cuban friends, but also a very handsome design. [...]

Davidoff Launches Winston Churchill Cigars

Davidoff of Geneva has introduced a new brand of cigars called Winston Churchill. Named after one of the world’s most notable cigar icons, the project was a collaboration between Churchill’s grandson Winston S. Churchill and Davidoff’s Henke Kelner. The Winston Churchill is the only brand with full Cuban seed tobacco produced by Davidoff.

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