Exclusive Encounter With Whale Sharks, Like No-Where Else In The World

Jan 14, 2019 / Lifestyle

In the warm waters of Mexico’s East Coast, take the opportunity to Swim with the Big Fish, in this exclusive 4-day expedition, with world-renowned photographers documenting your experience.

Discovering The Garden Of Eden In The Galapagos Islands

Jan 04, 2019 / Lifestyle

A place of unparalleled natural splendour, so untouched, so pure, it defies wonder. Crystal clear water, powder soft sands of red, black and white. Creatures so unique, so tame, they know not what it is to fear man.

Travel like a Star

Dec 29, 2018 / Lifestyle

These are the features that will make your money worth.

You can Now Usher in 2019 Twice

Dec 28, 2018 / Travel

We still cannot time travel, but PrivateFly will make it possible to celebrate New Year’s twice, in Sydney and then Los Angeles.

10 Luxury Hotel Openings in Asia 2019

Dec 26, 2018 / Lifestyle

Here’s preparing you for yet another year of luxurious retreat.

Celebrating Uniqueness with These Festivals Around the World

Dec 20, 2018 / Culture

Everybody chimes in when the countdown begins at 10 seconds to midnight, then fireworks shoot up into the sky when the clock strikes 12. “Happy New Year!” and a kiss or two is shared. There are certain customs to follow when it comes to festivities. Think Christmas, and a turkey dinner with presents under a […]

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