Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule – new fragrances

In cooperation with Coty, Karl Lagerfeld will release, this November, a trio of unisex fragrances named Kapsule after their capsule like packaging.

“I love the world of perfumes,” Lagerfeld said. “For me, the world of fashion doesn’t exist without it.”… The designer’s favorite smells are: fresh bread, vanilla, woods and spices. “I don’t like heavy, flowery things. I think there are never enough fragrances, they are so much fun to play with.”

Karl said the scents are genderless because “there is no gender in perfumes anymore.” Their bottles were created in geometric shape of square, in three colours of glass, as the creator’s great love: light blue (Kapsule Light), red (Kapsule Fioriental) and dark blue (Kapsule Woody). The bottles were designed by Luz Herrmann, with engraved Lagerfeld’s signature on the bottom of each bottle.

“The difficult challenge we had was to create something neither too feminine nor too masculine”

The three fragrances are named Kapsule Light, Kapsule Woody and Kapsule Floriental and Karl Lagerfeld personally worked on each one with a different parfumeur :

  • Kapsule Light was developed by perfumer Mark Buxton, and has notes of bitter orange, jasmine, nutmeg, clove and musk.
  • Kapsule Floriental was developed by perfumer Emilie Coppermann; the notes are ivy leaf, violet and black tea.
  • Kapsule Woody was developed by perfumer Olivier Cresp and features cedar, moss and plum.

Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule come in 30ml edt (1.0oz) and 75ml edt (2.5oz) Eau de Toilette – The fragrances will debut in October in France at Colette and Marionnaud and will be exclusive to Neiman Marcus in the US through early 2009