World’s largest Audi showroom opens in Dubai

World largest Audi showroom

Al Nabooda Automobiles has opened the largest Audi showroom in terms of new cars on display in the world in Dubai, with 57 models on show.

And on hand to kick off the celebrations at the new Dubai Audi terminal was singer Jennifer Lopez who was paid nearly $250,000 to attend the inauguration.

Located between the second and third interchange on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, the new facility spans more than 15,000 sqm across six levels.

The Audi terminal showroom is the first multi-floor car showroom in Dubai using an extensive array of lifts to move display vehicles to the second and third floors.

Audi customers will enjoy valet parking service, an escalator and a panoramic lift, as well as state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including a power wall dedicated to almost life-size virtual vehicle customization.

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