Tumi x Lexus LFA Luggage Collection

Lexus and the luxury luggage company Tumi have partnered together to make sure that you travel in style when you take your Lexus LFA out on the road.

The travel cases are designed to complement the look and the feel of the vehicle and will accompany it in selected markets, including the U.S. and Europe.

The cases are built from aluminum and carbon fiber-like material, having special sizes that allow them to be placed in the car’s luggage compartment.

The kit consists of two pieces and each case is designed with a distinct purpose.

The smaller “concourse” piece is proportioned to fit the essentials for track racing, including gloves and shoes, or items for a quick getaway.

The larger “coastal” case is for longer trips when a change of clothes is required.

Each piece has an asymmetrical retractable handle and shoulder strap as well as non-skid feet, which hold the luggage in place while the car is in motion.

Each unit will also carry the VIN from the actual car for that added bit of exclusivity.

“The LFA’s unparalleled, hand-built quality dovetails with Tumi’s dedication to creating excellence,” said Dave Nordstrom, Lexus vice president of marketing.

“The custom luggage enhances the LFA experience and demonstrates Lexus’ dedication to making each encounter with the brand memorable.”