Tag Heuer Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors have teamed up with Swiss luxury watch company Tag Heuer to produce a special edition of its Roadster.

The vehicle will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this week. The idea is for both luxury brands to increase their global cachet.

Tag, which is unveiling a new tech-savvy watch on March 18, has yet to become a major presence in the U.S., while Tesla is still building its presence in Europe.

The car itself, designed by Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, integrates Tag design features into the dashboard, center console and exterior.

The Tag Heuer Tesla Roadster comes with the Meridiist mobile phone and a one-fifth second Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch.

The gray color scheme and swoopy racing stripes were selected to embody the Tag aesthetic.

This is the first time Tesla has partnered with another luxury brand for cross-promotional purposes.

The car will be on display at the Tesla booth during the famed auto show after which it will travel to Baselworld for a special event on March 18th.