Bugatti Veyron With Matching Mercedes Trailer

A dealer in the Netherlands has this light blue Bugatti Veyron up for sale on Jameslist with a matching Mercedes Atego car transporter for a total of €895,000. The trailer is even decorated with Bugatti logos, so everyone on the highway will know exactly what you’re towing around.


Special Edition Alfa Romeo MiTo For Maserati

One hundred Alfa Romeo MiTos, produced exclusively for Maserati’s service network will soon be circulating on roads throughout Europe. For Maserati, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is the perfect “Courtesy Car” for customers who clearly appreciate Italian style and unique products. Alfa MiTo for Maserati comes with a unique Maserati Ocean Blue body color and gets [...]

Santoni Driving Shoes for Mercedes SLS AMG

Specially designed and crafted to compliment the SLS AMG, the Santoni driving shoes are certified by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. Currently available in classic black, these shoes will soon be available in a variety of colors to match your luxurious car.


Medicom Toy for BMW

To commemerate the opening of the new BMW Studio One space in Tokyo, Medicom Toy collaborated with the German automotive manufacturer to create a limited edition series of Bearbricks. The toy, which carries the BMW logo on the front, is made with plastic ( 30% of the plastic used in the creation are recycled). The [...]


Bugatti Renaissance Concept

Called the Bugatti Renaissance, this concept car is the creation of designer John Mark Vicente. Vicente is a Communication Design graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. he drew the vehicle as part of his prior coursework. “These projects are personal reflections of my understanding of design as an art, science, [...]


Mini Beachcomber Concept

A buggy-styled Mini with an open top and removable doors made its debut at the Detroit motor show yesterday. The four-wheel drive model has no conventional roof, and its doors can be taken out entirely to remove any elements that might limit the intensity of drivers’ contact with the outside world.

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