Oldest remaining Ford is up for sale

1903 Ford Model A

A 1903 Ford Model A, one of the oldest surviving cars made by Ford Motor Co., will be up for auction in Hershey, Pennsylvania, next month.

The car, scheduled to be auctioned Oct. 11 by RM Auctions, is expected to fetch $350,000 to $500,000, The Detroit News reported.

The car, which originally sold for $850, has all of its original early features, including the rare Kingston carburetor and the original coil box stamped No. 30.

The first-run Model A was produced from July 1903 with sales ceasing in 1904 when it was replaced by the Model C. The two cylinder boxer was mid-mounted and mated to a planetary gearbox with two forward speeds and one reverse.

The 1240kg car could eventually reach a top speed of 45km/h. The band brakes took a long time to slow the car back to zero and were only on the rear wheels.