Million dollar motorcycles

Chicara Nagata’s award-winning motorcycles are literally unparalleled. They are not just motorcycles, but masterpieces.

Probably that is why three of them are featured in an exhibit at New York’s Ippodo Gallery and the Contemporary Asian Art Fair. The bikes are as meticulously crafted as they are stunningly detailed, blending vintage parts with modern design to create motorcycles that are simultaneously retro and futuristic.

Chicara’s art is his expression of gratefulness to the very machines that almost killed him, and to the people who saved him when a motorcycle accident nearly killed him at the age of 16. Thus was born a graphic designer who soon took on to become a mobike builder.

He has built 13 bikes so far. Nagata won the grand prize in the 2006 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building for Chicara Art I, a sleek retro-ride powered by a 1939 Harley-Davidson U motor.

Other than the antique Harley Davidson engines, the 500 parts used in his every motorcycle- including the frames, the suspension components and even the throttle assemblies and hand controls – are designed and made by Nagata.

The three bikes at Ippodo gallery are priced at $ 1 million each.