Insecta Concept Draws Inspiration From Grasshoppers

The Insecta Concept – or Concept 蜢 (pronounce: Meng, meaning grasshopper in Chinese) was created by Shao Yung Yeh, a taiwanese student.

The goal of the project was to create a futuristic personal mobility vehicle, with a unique construction and design language.

As Shao Yung Yeh explains, “Taking inspirations from nature, the exterior expresses the characteristics of friendly insects, such as grasshoppers – agile, lightweight and green.”

With the structure similar to an insect, the concept features legs-like suspension systems, which actively adjust the height of the car in different traffic situations.

The concept is theoretically powered by a motor at each wheel while the battery pack sits in the car’s abdomen and is able to adjust the car’s center of gravity, ostensibly by moving fore and aft.