Bugatti unveils 3 exotic models for Dubai

Bugatti chose the Dubai Motor Show to conclude its Centenary celebrations by unveiling three special editions of the Veyron supercar.

The “Sang d’Argent” and the Grand Sport “Soleil de Nuit” are one-off models while the “Nocturne” will be limited to five cars only, all of them available exclusively to Middle East customers.

The first two are one-offs, priced at €1.45 million and €1.55 million respectively, while the Nocturne is limited to five examples and priced at €1.65 million.

The Sang D’Argent is finished in two-tone silver with polished aluminum doors and front wings.

On the inside, the Bugatti features a differentiating Havanna leather with quilting pattern on seats and saddle, as well as other personalized items.

The Grand Sport Soleil Du Nuit is a synthesis of polished aluminum, painted Black Blue Metallic and mirror shine mesh, complemented by a burnt orange leather interior.

The Veyron Nocturne sports a black finish with polished aluminum body parts and custom rims along with galvanized side windows.

Inside, this special edition Veyron features a black nanocoated magnesium dashboard and a centre console in galvanized Platinum.