BMW Zagato Roadster

BMW Zagato Roadster

Three months after they unveiled their first coupé, BMW and Italian coachbuilder Zagato debuted their first roadster, dubbed Z4 E89, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, on Sunday, August 19.

BMW Zagato Roadster helicopter

This second concept stemming from the collaboration of the two brands once again seamlessly blends Italian design and German automotive tradition.

BMW Zagato Roadster photo

The design is a drop-top version of the original coupé, with a few differences. The trunk now hides a softtop roof, and the sports car’s bumper and twin exhaust pipes have also been tweaked.

BMW Zagato Roadster interior

Neither brand has confirmed yet that the one-off concept could be headed for production.

BMW Zagato Roadsters