BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car

The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car was showcased las week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The newly unveiled Vision Efficient Dynamics car from BMW is mainly here to show us BMW’s new diesel-based plug-in hybrid drive system.

“Conceived with the idea of melding the performance of an M3 with exceptionally low fuel consumption, BMW claims a 0-62 mph time of 4.8 seconds”

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics conceptBMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Los Angeles Auto Show

At its core, the Vision EfficientDynamics concept is a sportscar in the BMW vein, with promised M-car performance levels.

It’s the drivetrains that are the shockers: this particular vision sees a future BMW sportscar sporting a three-cylinder diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain.

It’s a tour de force, since no automaker has yet produced a diesel hybrid, or a mass-market plug-in hybrid, not to mention a combination of the two.

BMW Vision Concept car back

“The film reveals how a sustainable, but enjoyable future BMW will look like.”

Source: Motorauthority