New BMW 7-Series gets Official Unveiling in Moscow

To mark the launch of the all-new 7 Series, BMW presented its flagship model with a unique installation on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. For two days, a real-life 2009 7-Series was hidden in 180,000 silver balls that filled a giant glass-and-acrylic hourglass, at almost twelve meters high (40 feet), that had been built right in front of the Kremlin on the Red Square of Moscow.

Before the car was officially unveiled, BMW’s all new 7-Series pictures were leaked out on the internet last week. Also, the official day of presentation was supposed to be the 7th of July – 7th day of the 7th month – but it eventually came one day later on the night of the 8th, in an extravagant ceremony !

As 400 invited guests watched, the shiny balls gradually fell down, one by one, thus revealing the BMW’s flagship model, in blue, in its full glory !