Scott Storch’s Yacht on eBay

Whenever a celebrity tries to sell something expensive on eBay there’s always speculation as to motives, but here’s a case where it’s pretty obvious what the deal is: music producer Scott Storch is short on cash. He’s selling his yacht, called “Tiffany,” on eBay for well under its $20 million value (per Rolling Stone magazine) because apparently he can’t afford to keep it anymore. As of right now it’s going for just under $1,000,000. What a deal.

I’m no eBaying expert but I’m not sure it’s such a great sales technique to display in big bold letters “THE BOAT IS BEING SOLD UNDER DISTRESS ,OWNER BOUGHT HER AND NOW GOT SHORT ON MONEY.” Seems more than a little on the tacky side, and hardly inspires the celebrity “cool” factor that might help it sell for more.

UPDATE: Bidding has ended at $1,000,101, that’s a fair amount of cash but not enough to meet the reserve, looks like Storch is going to have to try again.

Via Ebay and luxist