The Goyard Book

French trunk maker Goyard has released a book with publisher Devambez which illustrates the brand’s heritage.

The Goyard Book features more than 200 pages featuring photographs and descriptions of all the greatest achievements by Goyard since starting in 1792.

As the New York Times reports, “The book includes the history of the Goyard family — the achievements during the Paris Expo Universelle in 1900 and the creation of the noble facade of the Paris store. ”

But it is more generally about the art of travel and its blossoming in the 20th century from early trains to grand hotels.”

The book comes in a specially designed Goyard trunk available to order in any of Goyard’s standard colors.

the book and trunk retails for €6,000 (€5,000 if you order before 30thjune 2010), and sale is by appointment only.

Only 223 editions will be printed. For more information, visit the amazingly beautiful site at

Source: NYtimes Sybarites