Huge hand-painted Easter egg

A huge hand-painted Easter egg is displayed in Zagreb‘s main square in Croatia (Republic of Croatia is small country in Central Europe).

Tokyo Art Week goes green

River Re Wall is a system for green walls that’s developed by Hokkaido Sanyu Corp. It seems like a mini version of a riverbed or garden turned on its side. Behind the moss-covered wall panel is an irrigation system that ensures all-around healthy greenery and generates a faint, trickling sound of water. The sound is … Continued

Fashion Brand Lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

In a simple yet innovative personal touch to various runway shows around the globe, Massimo Gammacurta with the help of various fashion brands created a series of branded lollipops. The instantly recognizable powerhouse brands include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Designer logo lollipops, created in delicious flavors and rich-looking textures just call … Continued

Photography: Koen Demuynck

Koen Demuynck is a Belgian photographer who managed to blend advertisement and surrealism. Sounds silly, but he is today one of the busiest photographers, and his work can be seen in many places. Check out his work :

Villa Röling by Paul de Ruiter

Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter designed Villa Röling, a waterfront home in the town of Kudelstaart, Netherlands. “The clients of villa Röling are passionate art collectors. They love to be surrounded by works of art. Therefore their main wish regarding their new dwelling was that it would do greatest justice to their collection of paintings … Continued

Top 50 Chinese Artists By Auction Sales

Today sees the launch of the Hurun 2009 Art List, ranking China’s top fifty living artists by the total volume of sales of their work at public auction in the year 2008. The list was produced for the second year ever by the chinese magazine “The Hurun Report”, in partnership with Artron. The Hurun Art … Continued

Rich & Decadent Photography

Life is different when you have your own private jet and a budget of a few millions for a shopping spree. Photographer Gene Kiegel gives us a peek into this world of abundance and decadence with his photography series, “Jets, Cribs & Rides”. Source: TrendHunter

Amazing photos of London

Amazing photographs of London from above at night by photographer Jason Hawkes. Check them all out here.

Kazuhiko Kawahara

Mesmerizing images by the Japanese architect and photographer Kawahara… Via digital manipulation, he morphs and transforms buildings into kaleidoscope-like sights that explore the limits of form.

Golden Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was hailed as a stunning symbol of Japan’s recovery from the devastation of World War II when it opened on December 23, 1958. Though much has changed in the last 50 years, Tokyo Tower, named the 20th tallest tower in the world, still faithfully performs its original prime function of beaming telecommunication signals … Continued

Mammoth Ivory table from Russia

Here is a nice, but pricey coffee table with a glass top and the legs carved from the premium-grade mammoth ivory. This table measures 100 cm in diameter and about 80 cm high. The intricacy of carving is truly amazing! It was all done by hand with a set of conventional tools. The table is … Continued

Miami Fever

We found these photos that are shot by photographer Carlos LeFièvre that are all about Miami. It really captures the sleese value that Miami all really has to offer. Fun place to party in just not to live in !

Swiss man sells back tattoo to gallery

A man has sold an elaborate tattoo of the Virgin Mary, which is still on his back, to an art collector who plans to ‘exhibit’ him three times a year. The extraordinary transaction – which Zurich gallery owner Jutta Nexdorf claims is the first of its kind, earned the vendor, Tim Steiner, 150,000 euros ($218,000). … Continued

A Priceless Lucian Freud Painting Destroyed

Lucian Freud is universally acclaimed as Britain’s most famous and expensive living artist. A Freud painting when it goes on the market is now guaranteed a seven figure reserve price and in May, the portrait “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” sold to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for $33 million, setting a new world record for a living … Continued

DNA Portraits

DNA 11 is a company that will transform a swab of your DNA into a contemporary-looking canvas with an artistic image of your DNA on it. “Web consultant Adrian Salamunovic came across a DNA imaging brochure that his friend, molecular geneticist Nazim Ahmed, had brought with him. Adrian felt the DNA images were a piece … Continued

World record price for Jeff Koon

Christie’s sold last week Jeff Koon’s Ballon Flower (Magenta) for $25,752,051, a world record price for the artist at auction. This work is one of five unique versions: Magenta, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red and was executed between 1995 and 1999. Balloon Flower (Magenta) 1995-2000 is from a top Dallas art collector who paid less than … Continued

$155,000 Book : Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano

“Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano” (“The Wise Hand”), is an over-the-top volume of photographs of this Renaissance master’s sculptures and. It is probably “the most beautiful book in the world” and also one of the most expensive, with its retail price of 100,000 euros, (around $155,000). Using the high standards of the privately published books in … Continued

RMS Titanic Scale Model is framed for $2,500,000

RMS Titanic Scale Model is one of its kind as till date a authentic scale model of the Titanic had never been built. However Fine Art Models, the world’s premier scale model makers managed to seek the permission to build a definitive 1:48 scale model of the Titanic as a limited edition ($2,500,000). At 18 … Continued

Gold Mickey Mouse statue

Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment and jeweler Ginza Tanaka have made this gold Mickey Mouse statue as part of a campaign to promote the Blu-ray DVD release of “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.” The 12-cm-tall, 1-kg statue, which is valued at 3.23 million yen ($31,000) will be displayed in Tanaka’s Ginza store through April … Continued

Lucian Freud’s Most Expensive Painting by a Living Artist

A classic Lucian Freud portrait of a rather plump lady, is predicted to break the world auction record for most expensive painting by a living artist. The elegantly constructed masterpiece is titled “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” named after the profession of the sitter. The painting which was completed in 1995 is expected to fetch $35 million … Continued