Amazing photos of London

Amazing photographs of London from above at night by photographer Jason Hawkes. Check them all out here.


Kazuhiko Kawahara

Mesmerizing images by the Japanese architect and photographer Kawahara… Via digital manipulation, he morphs and transforms buildings into kaleidoscope-like sights that explore the limits of form.


Golden Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was hailed as a stunning symbol of Japan’s recovery from the devastation of World War II when it opened on December 23, 1958. Though much has changed in the last 50 years, Tokyo Tower, named the 20th tallest tower in the world, still faithfully performs its original prime function of beaming telecommunication signals [...]


Mammoth Ivory table from Russia

Here is a nice, but pricey coffee table with a glass top and the legs carved from the premium-grade mammoth ivory. This table measures 100 cm in diameter and about 80 cm high. The intricacy of carving is truly amazing! It was all done by hand with a set of conventional tools. The table is [...]


Miami Fever

We found these photos that are shot by photographer Carlos LeFièvre that are all about Miami. It really captures the sleese value that Miami all really has to offer. Fun place to party in just not to live in !

Swiss man sells back tattoo to gallery

A man has sold an elaborate tattoo of the Virgin Mary, which is still on his back, to an art collector who plans to ‘exhibit’ him three times a year. The extraordinary transaction – which Zurich gallery owner Jutta Nexdorf claims is the first of its kind, earned the vendor, Tim Steiner, 150,000 euros ($218,000). [...]

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