Photography: Koen Demuynck

Koen Demuynck is a Belgian photographer who managed to blend advertisement and surrealism. Sounds silly, but he is today one of the busiest photographers, and his work can be seen in many places. Check out his work : koendemuynck.com


Villa Röling by Paul de Ruiter

Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter designed Villa Röling, a waterfront home in the town of Kudelstaart, Netherlands. “The clients of villa Röling are passionate art collectors. They love to be surrounded by works of art. Therefore their main wish regarding their new dwelling was that it would do greatest justice to their collection of paintings [...]


Top 50 Chinese Artists By Auction Sales

Today sees the launch of the Hurun 2009 Art List, ranking China’s top fifty living artists by the total volume of sales of their work at public auction in the year 2008. The list was produced for the second year ever by the chinese magazine “The Hurun Report”, in partnership with Artron. The Hurun Art [...]


Rich & Decadent Photography

Life is different when you have your own private jet and a budget of a few millions for a shopping spree. Photographer Gene Kiegel gives us a peek into this world of abundance and decadence with his photography series, “Jets, Cribs & Rides”. Source: TrendHunter


Amazing photos of London

Amazing photographs of London from above at night by photographer Jason Hawkes. Check them all out here.


Kazuhiko Kawahara

Mesmerizing images by the Japanese architect and photographer Kawahara… Via digital manipulation, he morphs and transforms buildings into kaleidoscope-like sights that explore the limits of form.

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