Mammoth Ivory table from Russia

Here is a nice, but pricey coffee table with a glass top and the legs carved from the premium-grade mammoth ivory.

This table measures 100 cm in diameter and about 80 cm high. The intricacy of carving is truly amazing! It was all done by hand with a set of conventional tools. The table is up for sale for $300,000.

With international trade in elephant ivory closed down, trade in mammoth ivory has emerged as virtually the only alternative acceptable to the international market. Since mammoth ivory is actually fossil ivory, there are no bans for its importing or exporting.

The trade has recently been bolstered by global warming, which has melted the tundra and exposed more frozen remains. It is therefore widely available to Russian artisans, who make all sorts of carvings.

The video below shows how the table was created. For any questions, please contact Igor