US Airways Getting In-Flight WiFi in 2010

Surfing the web while flying to your favorite destination is a great way to pass the time and U.S. Airways has just decided to offer the services starting next year.

In early 2010 you’ll be able to connect to the internet on U.S. Airways flights using your laptop or smartphone.

The airline just announced a deal with Aircell to bring the company’s Gogo in-flight internet service to its planes.

It will first be available on select domestic routes before expanding.

The Airbus A321 will be the first aircraft to get the feature and will carry Wi-Fi on some of its domestic flights.

The Gogo routes will be found on US Airways’ website, with all Wi-Fi flights booked online identified by a dedicated icon later on in 2010.

Final pricing for US Airways’ Internet service is yet to be announced, though should be close to AirCell’s standard pricing structure that ranges from nearly $6 to $13, which varies depending on the length of flight and the kind of Wi-Fi device users have.