The Hawker 450XP Light Business Jet

The Hawker 450XP is the latest jet from Hawker Beechcraft and is the successor to the highly acclaimed Hawker 400XP. Based on the interior of the 900XP, it’s the most comfortable, most elegant and best equipped cabin ever offered in a light jet ! The Hawker 450XP also features significant improvements over the 400XP including [...]

European jet firm makes big Bombardier order

Booming global demand for new business jets is expected to continue through the end of 2009 despite recent oil-price shocks and economic turmoil, according to the latest forecast by aerospace supplier Honeywell International Inc. Lately it seems that the private jet revolution is bigger in Europe than in the U.S. The latest new fractional ownership [...]

747 Turned Into A Jumbo Hostel

Ambitious plans to turn a Boeing 747 into a hostel are taking off after the jet was bought by a Swedish entrepreneur. Oscar Dios is stuffing 85 beds into a gutted Boeing 747 he’s dubbed Jumbo Hostel and parked right outside Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. Dios bought the 500-seater jumbo jet, built in 1976, from its [...]

Airplane Cabins by Etihad Airlines

The Middle East have provided with comfortable air voyages for decades now. Starting with the brilliance in luxurious aviation experiences with Emirates, we have come to a point where a first class air traveler can have just about all his wishes fulfilled while in the air. With more than six feet space for a passenger [...]

Hawker Beechcraft delivers first Hawker 4000 business jet

Described by the company as “the world’s most advanced business jet,” the $21 Million Hawker 4000 Business Jet is the first plane to offer big-jet safety and technology features at a midsized-jet price. After a 20-year, $1 billion development process, Hawker Beechcraft has held a delivery ceremony at its Wichita headquarters to hand over the [...]

VIP Edition 787 Dreamliner

Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau is one of the lucky few who ordered a Dreamliner VVIP in 2007 for $153 Million USD. He will have a 2400 square foot luxury cabin fully equipped with a loft, vaulted ceilings, video wall displays, modern appliances, and elegant furniture. Its fully equipped with bars, kitchens, dining [...]

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