Icon A5, the sporty amphibious plane

The ICON Aricraft, a consumer sport plane manufacturer founded by Kirk Hawkins, an engineer and former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, recently unveiled a sporty amphibious plane called the Icon A5. The A5 features a high-strenght, lightweight carbon fiber airframe and is powered by a reliable, 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine that runs on [...]

World’s First Luxury Airship

French industrial designer Jean-Marie Massaud believes that slow cruising in an airship could be the next step in air travel and he is partnering with Onera, France’s space agency, to create the world’s first luxury airship. “Manned Cloud” will have a top speed of 170 kilometers per hour, but will generally travel at 130 kilometers [...]

MAZ Aviation commits to six Airbus A350 XWB Prestiges

MAZ Aviation has placed a commitment for six Airbus A350 XWB Prestiges to serve its customers, in what is the first deal for the type in the Middle East. The deal is also the largest single deal ever for Airbus corporate jetliners, and comprises one A350-800 and five A350-900s. All six Airbus A350 XWBs will [...]

Blink – A new private jet taxi service

With oil skirting $130 a barrel and demand for business-class travel slowing, it’s not the best time to launch an airline . However, Forbes reports that Peter Leiman and Cameron Ogden, two Harvard Business School graduates are launching the new private jet taxi service, Blink, on June 12. Blink’s current flight plans take you through [...]

World’s Most Luxurious Airlines

Newsweek is singling out what it says are the eight most luxurious airlines in the world right now.

Hawker Beechcraft Launches Latest Business Jet, the Premier II

Hawker Beechcraft, the business jet spinoff of Raytheon has released their latest jet, the Premier II. Evolving from the successful Premier IA, the Premier II will feature higher cruise speeds, a 20 percent longer range with four passengers and an increased payload… while still offering the largest cabin and most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet [...]

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