Around The World By Private Jet, $97,970

Don’t have 80 days to travel around the world? American Express cardholders can do it in 24 nights with an itinerary designed by luxury tour operator Abercrombie and Kent. Guests will travel to eight destinations on five continents in a reconfigured Boeing 757, getting an insider’s look at special spots like the Workmen’s Tomb at [...]

Float Through the Air in Your Own $1.46 Million Blimp

With space for you and five friends, you can float through the skies with your very own blimp. The Advanced Hybrid Aircraft’s Hornet Aerial Work has four twin motor engines that propel the airship at up to 81 knots (93 mph), at up to 7000 ft, for a distance of 200 miles. The airship is [...]

emirates a380 bathroom

Emirates to offer hot showers mid-air

Fly to New York with Emirates this autumn and you’ll be able to take a hot shower in midair, but it will cost you more than $18,000. The Dubai-based airline will become the first  airline in the world to offer showers at 37,000ft when it installs the facility in first-class cabins on its new Airbus A380s. The [...]

Virgin Charter allows you to buy or sell charter flights online

Adding one more feather to his hat, Richard Branson’s Virgin Charter is one of his more intriguing endeavors. But like most of you, I too am wondering that will Virgin Charter make it possible for an average/well-to-do leisure traveler to fly in a private jet without plunging into debt? Yeah! The company is hoping that [...]

Gulfstream V G650 Jet

The biggest, fastest and the longest-range plane to date has been unveiled. The makers of the private jet that became a must-have accessory for super-rich folks and czars of corporate world, the Gulfstream V, have announced their new model, the Gulfstream 650. A mock-up of the jet was unveiled yesterday at Gulfstream’s Savannah, Ga., factory, [...]

Reaction Engines’ A2 Jet Flies At Hypersonic Speeds

British aerospace firm Reaction Engines is currently working on a hypersonic aircraft that would herald a new era and bright future for commercial air travel at Mach 5 speeds. With 50 per cent funding by the European Union, or about US$14 million, this project, if successfully launched, could slash travel times drastically, so a flight [...]

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