Hermes helicopter lands in Japan

We have followed Hermes helicopter earlier too and today it’s time to tell you all about Japan’s first Hermes helicopter.

The service will provide a 30-minute luxury helicopter shuttle service between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport.

The Hermes helicopter features calf-leather seats and walls decorated with the brand’s signature Toile H fabric used in its leather goods.

The $10 million EC135 model is a part of Eurocopter’s fleet for Mori Building City Air Services’ private helicopter service in Tokyo.

Hailed as “l’Helicoptere par Hermes,” the luxury chopper will take about 22 flights a day and charge $790 (75,000 yen) for a one-way trip.

It takes in four passengers. The service will begin on September 16.

“This service is for business executives who want to buy time,” said Mori Building spokeswoman Kyoko Morisawa.

“But I’m afraid no food or drink services will be offered on board.”

Source: ReutersPhotos: Daylife