Cessna Introduces Citation Ten

Cessna Aircraft announced yesterday that it will build a larger, advanced version of its Citation X business jet, called the Citation Ten.

The new Citation Ten is scheduled to be in the air by late 2011 and delivered to the first customer in 2013.

The jet is 15 inches longer and will fly farther and carry more weight than the $22 million, eight-seat Citation X.

The Citation Ten will have a longer range and faster rate of climb speed than the previous model.

The Citation Ten has improved Rolls-Royce Plc engines, a new cabin-management system for better entertainment and connectivity, and a new cockpit avionics system built by Garmin Ltd.

The Citation Ten cabin mockup on display here has a techno-club design theme that eschews the traditionalism so prevalent in many midsize aircraft.

The 15-in fuselage plug enabled designers to add five to six inches of extra legroom for each passenger, an improvement long sought by customers.

The plug also increases the space between the two club sections so that all eight chairs can be fully reclined.

Redesigned passenger chairs are roomier, but they have retractable armrests to prevent them from crowding the cabin.

The cabin will be 25 ft long, but it’s still 5.7 ft high and 5.5 ft wide, making it the smallest cross-section in the midsize class.

Each passenger has an LCD touch-screen control display unit that doubles as a video monitor. These devices control cabin lighting, air-conditioning and audio-visual systems.

High-speed Internet browsing, satellite radio and cabin Wi-Fi will be available as options

The announcement of the new program came a day before the 63rd annual National Business Aviation Association convention officially opens in Atlanta.