6 Passenger Personal Jet – Hondajet

Owning a personal jet has always been a far off dream for many, but that dream may have just become a little more attainable with the introduction of the HondaJet.

This new product from automaker Honda, makes jet ownership only 3.65 million dollars away.

First announced in 2005, the jet is finally entering production and Honda is taking orders.

The HondaJet offers seating for up to 6 passengers and 2 crew members and is capable at going 1600 miles at over 450mph.

The jet is very sleek and has engines distinctly mounted above the wing in order to increase efficiency and expand cabin space.

This plane fills a key niche between propeller planes and Learjets, filling the gap between the two and bringing the jetsetter lifestyle within closer reach.

Via trendhunter