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Sheraton Qiandao

The most searched-for luxury hotel brands in China

Sheraton Qiandao

Sheraton is the most sought-after luxury hotel brand on the Internet in mainland China, followed by Hilton and Shangri-La, according to a recent report released by Geneva-based luxury market research firm Digital Luxury Group (DLG).

According to the survey, Sheraton, a Starwood brand, came on the top of the list with almost 14 percent of the overall searches.

The report attributes the success of the brand to the fact that Sheraton was the first western hotel brand to arrive in China.

The brand arrived in 1985 right after the economic opening of the country. Sheraton has plans to open 12 new hotels across China in 2012 and expand its portfolio to 80 properties by 2015.

Among the non-western brands, Hong-Kong based Shangri-la comes in third position followed by The Peninsula, also based in Hong Kong, in seventh position.

The Nikko Hotels brand, based in Japan and originally owned by Japan Airlines, came in ninth position.

Under the name “The world luxury index China: Hotels,” the report carried out by Digital Luxury Group, analyzed more than 170 million online searches during the first trimester of 2012.

Top 10 list

1. Sheraton
2. Hilton
3. Shangri-La
4. InterContinental
5. Westin
6. Four Seasons
7. The Peninsula
8. Kempinski
9. Nikko
10. Ritz-Carlton

Venice night

Pierre Cardin’s Plans To Build Venice Tower

Pierre Cardin Venice tower

French designer Pierre Cardin outlined his plan on Monday for a 255-metre (837-foot) tower called the Palais Lumiere that he wants to build in an industrial port area on the famous Venice lagoon.

“I want to offer Venice a big garden for eternity,” the Italian-born Cardin told reporters in the city, where some locals are horrified by the project.
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Ford lincoln China

Ford to sell luxury Lincoln brand in China

Ford lincoln China

Ford said Tuesday it would bring its Lincoln brand to China in two years, pitching the vehicle to the luxury segment of the world’s largest car market.

Lincoln cars, Ford’s luxury brand, would be available in China in the second half of 2014, the company said in a statement.

As the world’s largest auto market, China has become increasingly important to foreign players like Ford and General Motors.

“With Lincoln, we will be expanding our product offering to cover China’s fast-growing luxury car segment,” Dave Schoch, CEO of Ford Motor China, said in the statement.

Ford has previously announced plans to bring 15 new vehicles to China by 2015.

But the latest announcement comes even as growth in China’s auto sales slows, hit by an economic slowdown and limits by some Chinese cities on vehicle numbers out of concerns over congestion and pollution.

China’s overall vehicle sales rose just 2.5 percent to 18.51 million units in 2011, compared with an annual increase of more than 32 percent in 2010.

Ford is building five new plants in China, which will double the company’s production capacity in the country to 1.2 million passenger vehicles annually, the statement said.

Doha Aerial Photo

Qatar to launch own luxury brand

Doha Aerial Photo

Qatar Luxury Group, owned by Qatar Foundation, is reportedly gearing up to launch its first luxury fashion and accessories brand, announced the HuffPost on August 26.

The launch of the brand QELA will be boosted by the opening of numerous luxe boutiques around the world, starting with Doha, Qatar’s capital city by the end of the year, followed by other shops in NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Milan, London and Tokyo.
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Cheerag Arya

Unique Ferrari for Dubai collector

Cheerag Arya

Ferrari Magazine has released a teaser image of a new one-off model, which is going to be built for Cheerag Arya, a 32-year old businessman from Dubai.

When he was a little boy, he fell in love with Ferrari after seeing a South American football player with an F40 in a magazine.

It was only after he moved to Dubai, six years ago, that he actually bought his first Ferrari, a 575M Maranello – but that was quickly followed by a 430 Scuderia, along with an Enzo, a Daytona, a 599 GTO and, at last, the F40 that started it all.
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Saint-Cirq-Lapopie France

Tourists Flock to ‘France’s Favorite Village’

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie France

The medieval village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is set to receive an influx of visitors after the historic settlement was voted “France’s Favorite Village” by a TV show in June.

Originally established in the 13th century, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie has survived several wars and invasions over the years, and attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually.

Many international tourists travel to France to tour the village, which lies on a rocky outcropping overlooking the Lot River in the southwest.
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