Hotel Indigo coming to Phuket, Thailand, in 2014

International hotel chain InterContinental has chosen Phuket, Thailand to launch as the first resort destination for its Hotel Indigo chain. Hotel Indigo, a ’boutique’ style brand which aims for individuality with its properties, operates 38 hotels around the world, with the majority in big cities. The February 24 announcement of its entry into Phuket, one … Continued

Timekeeping, an inherent part of Chinese Heritage

The Hong Kong Maison has truly created a stunning watch! The Chinese Timekeeper, Date Automatic – CTK02 allies the modernity of a full black PVD case with a bewitching navy blue dial with sunray finishing. Simply mesmerising. It has a power reserve of 36 hours, a water-resistance of five atmospheres and a dial protected by … Continued

Donald Trump Buys Paul Allen’s Boeing 757

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has just purchased a Boeing 757 airplane from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for the small fee of $100 million! Trump, who owns a Boeing 727 with gold-plated sinks, a master bedroom and more, is currently retrofitting the aircraft with plans for it to go into service in a month or … Continued

Spain’s hotels are Europe’s most popular

Spain is still Europe’s most popular place to stay, according to figures released February 28 by the European Union. In total, 268 million nights were spent in Spain’s hotels by travelers last year, a rise of 6.4 percent on 2009’s figures. The second most popular place to lay your head was Italy with 245 million … Continued

Daft Punk’s clubby new Coca-Cola bottles

French house DJ duo Daft Punk is teaming up with Coca-Cola in the design of a new line of soda dubbed “Club Coke.” Coca-Cola posted a video featuring Daft Punk beats and the austere gold and silver bottle design, which mimics the helmets the duo wear during live performances. The new beverage is set to … Continued